The Land of Talent that Needs to Develop Talent

Talent, according to the dictionary, means aptitude or skill. With a population of 134 crores, India is a powerhouse of talent. We are progressing in every field, be it sports, academics, or arts. India is home to and is famous for having one of the largest numbers of engineers and doctors in its industry, while it is making great strides in sports at the international level. 

Most of the Indian population being youth, we have a generation of young blood filled with talent, but we need to segregate the skillful from the herd. Nowadays, companies have talent hunt programs to discover those with superior prowess. MNC’s such as Tata, Samsung rely upon leadership talent to improve employee performance. In this plethora of talent, certain tests are required to identify those with superior skills. 

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According to a recent study by National HRD Network (NHRDN) and KPMG titled Learning on Point, covered 138 leading organizations across sectors, found that their average Learning Maturity Index (LMI) was a mere 71 on a scale of 100, indicating that developing talent remains a challenge for corporate India. 

Companies test for talent recognition at various stages in one’s career, the first one is at the interview when the company decides if the candidate has enough talent to accomplish the job, then secondly when considering promotion whether the employee has the requisite talent to be promoted. 

To properly hone the unique talent, in a child, it is necessary to recognize its talent, thereby creating the need for a talent hunt program India, there are certain tests that bring out the talent in a student. Every field has its own set of talent recognization tests such as sports have trails, academics have tests, and arts have competitions. These help the students to shape their career whichever way they may deem fit. Institutions now recognize the need for talent management and teach that through their curriculum. There are numerous merits to early recognization of talents; it helps a person become more focused, diligent, more skillful, and aware of the industry. 

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TALLENTEX is an acronym for ALLEN's Talent Encouragement Exam. TALLENTEX is a specially designed initiative to encourage young talent with cash prizes, scholarships and mentoring by ALLEN Career Institute, Kota.

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